Brawl - Punishment 7 inch Vinyl

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Brawl is a Hardcore band from Boise, Idaho. Brawl is four guys who get to play music we love and we feel fortunate to do so. We do our best to support Hardcore in our home state by throwing shows and keeping it alive. To us Hardcore is more than music. It is a way of life. For our friends and family we stick together. Brawl is a vicious vebal assault on all things fucked up in this world. There is no limit to the shit we have to say and the truth we spit out. In your face heavy Hardcore that stays true and avoids trends. Brawl doesn’t try to sound like any other band but we do take our influence from a wide variety of hardcore, metal, and punk bands. Especially the NYC Hardcore greats. Brawl will always be relentless and call out what is desperately piss poor about this world and its governments, religions, extremists, and people who betray our trust. We re-formed in January 2010 and been writing and releasing our music, touring, and putting out the best merch we can. Coming out of Idaho is tough so we push harder to get our music out there.Comes with a cd copy plus bonus track

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