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"It’s refreshing to listen to a band that truly understands the ideal that should be the driving force behind music, and that is expression. - and the raw desire to make music not solely aimed at consumer approval. The aim isn’t money or popularity, just the urge to create a musical soundscape that is completely unfamiliar but all the more intriguing. This album is a great full-length debut look at this band that has dwelled in the underground for some time and deserves more recognition. They display a musical maturity not often seen in the metal scene, especially in the time frame in which this was released. The musical texture they craft in their songs keep the listener glued without any of the frilly bullshit often heard on the radio. The first song “Deadly Nite Shade” is a fantastic opening track, as it serves as a good taste of what awaits you on this album, and the multitude of adventurous interludes introduce their proceeding songs very well, making a very cohesive but yet appropriately challenging album.

On the negative side of things, which is unfortunately true with many bands like this who face the financial crisis of not whoring themselves to broadcast media, is the the production and general tone could use some touching up, some of the nuances that really made the music intriguing got buried at some points. Also, the music wouldn’t hurt with a little more expression of instrumental flare. All the instruments could afford to put a few more technical sections in their future endeavors, while their music isn't meant to focus on any particular musician, it could definitely set them even farther above the rest of the pack. They are competent musicians, but I was a little light in the “Wow!” department in a few of the songs.

I highly recommend this for any fan of metal that doesn’t adhere to traditional song structures…basically metal with some real stones. I look forward to hearing what auditory splendor this band will give rise to in the future if it doesn’t diverge from its trailblazing, and unfortunately all too lonely path of creating the music they envision without giving an inch to the mainstream. Overall a very solid effort that really kept my interest from start to finish and should be considered one of the most groundbreaking metal/hardcore albums for that time period."

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