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  • Compression - Compression CD
    "It’s refreshing to listen to a band that truly understands the ideal that should be the driving force behind music, and that is expression. - and the raw desire to make music not solely aimed at consumer approval. The aim isn’t money or popularity, just the urge to create a musical soundscape that ..
  • Dare to Defy - Somewhere Between Poverty and Promise CD
    *New but not shrinkwrapped ..
  • Goops, The - The Goops CD
    "The Goops were formed in 1992 by guitarist Brad Worrell and vocalist Eleanor Whitledge. After a succession of bandmembers joined and left, bassist Steve Mazur and drummer Jeff Benison climbed aboard just in time for the Goops' self-titled debut album for Blackout! Records. The punk-popsters toured ..