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  • Funerals - Human Ruin 7 inch
    Second pressing.  White Vinyl. Limited to 200 copies. Hand Numbered.  Includes Download Card. Human Ruin by Funerals ..
  • Funerals, Great Reversals, Liars Cult, Unrestrained - IV 7 inch
    25 Box sets ($35.00) - Black leatherette box with IV printed on the front, with 1 of ea color vinyl, yellow cassette, digital download, 11x17 poster, and 6 pin set exclusive to the boxset. SOLD OUT 107 ($7.00)- Half Ox Blood/Half Mustard 7" Vinyl 163 ($6.50) - Black Vinyl 273 ($6.50) - Ox Blood..
  • Longest War / Old Ghosts - Split 7" (Red Vinyl)
    LONGEST WAR Fronted by Chris Logan of CHOKEHOLD fame and features former members of DESPAIR, SLUGFEST, UNION, and ACHILLES. LONGEST WAR brings a sound one would expect from members of these bands; chunky, heavy hardcore that sounds like it could have been written in 1995 but with modern recording. ..
  • No Restraint - The Branches of Suffering 7 inch
    Their demo – originally released on tape in early 2015 – for the first time now on vinyl. Crushing XVX 90’s Style Hardcore. Co-Released with Bitter Melody Records (USA). Test Press: /10 First Press: /500 – 392 red (Regular Versions) 64 brown (Pre-Order) & 44 green (Pre-Order). 4 Differen..
  • Sentenced to Burn / Renounced - Split 7 inch
    BBMA26 – Sentenced To Burn & Renounced Split 7″. Only released digitally (and on a small run of tapes) before… so, here you go! 1st Press/300 – 202 on black, 53 on green & 49 on orange (w/ limited ptw-rip-off) pre-order cover). Completely DIY Self-Printed Covers w/lyrics on the inside. E..
  • To Ashes - Liberation Through Destruction 7 inch
    First BBMA 7″ Vinyl Release (in cooperation with BlackFire Records) For those who resist and don’t give up. For those who fight, for those who will fight. For those who are fallen, for those who will fall. Ivan. Emanuela. Luca. Marco. Katto. Test Press: Black/11 with Purification Rip-..
  • At Both Ends Mag and Comp (Bane, Grade, Unrestrained, BE&S double 7")
    This monster package contains a 148-page magazine/book that combines two new issues worth of AT BOTH ENDS Magazine with a double 7" holding two exclusive songs each from four different bands. The first record pairs up hardcore legends BANE (No introduction needed) with GRADE (Yes, GRADE! Their first..
  • Better Days "Nope" 7 inch
    4 song EP. Comes with digital download that includes the self titled cassette EP. 110 on white 220 on clear Better Days - NOPE by encapsulated records ..
  • Brawl - Punishment 7 inch Vinyl
    Brawl is a Hardcore band from Boise, Idaho. Brawl is four guys who get to play music we love and we feel fortunate to do so. We do our best to support Hardcore in our home state by throwing shows and keeping it alive. To us Hardcore is more than music. It is a way of life. For our friends and family..
  • Chaos Order/Werewolf Congress - Order of the Wolf Split 7 inch
    Your choice of either Yellow, White or Black vinyl. All color varients will be hand-numbered. Yellow (Out of 50) Black (Out of 200) White (Out of 250) ..
  • Die Young - Chosen Path 7 inch
    After a four year hiatus, Texas powerhouse DIE YOUNG return with a brand new EP entitled "Chosen Path". Die Young entered the studio this past November to record this EP which is full of brand new material and revisiting two older tracks they wanted to to reconquer for a split 7" with Brazil's Confr..
  • Die Young/Confronto - Split 7 inch (Coke Bottle w/ Black Smoke)
    Reunited with a fiery passion Die Young hit the studio to record material for two records this past November at Origin Sound in Spring, TX with Craig Douglas (Bitter End, Iron Age, etc etc). mastered powerfully by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. preorders for their solo EP "Chosen Path" went up last w..
  • Discourse - Discourse 7 inch
    SC Hardcore from fellow NC labels Bitter Melody and Headfirst! 1st Press: 100 clear 100 grey 300 black 2nd Press: 100 blue 200 green 200 yellow ..
  • Dogchains - Give/Take 7 inch (Black Vinyl)
    Despite having only formed in 2012, Schweinfurt, Germany's Dogchains has produced a well-received demo and played around Europe with bands like Mindset, Cold World, The Mongoloids, Rotting Out and Expire, and combine the sounds of bands like Mental, Warzone and Iron Boots. 7" includes digital downlo..
  • DSGNS / Venomspitter -Split 7" (Green Mix Vinyl)
    Green Mix Vinyl out of 105. CTR-7 Venomspitter/DSGNS Split by Cointossrecords ..
  • Earth Crisis - Forced To Kill 7 inch (Purple Swirl Vinyl)
    Silkscreened cover. Includes 5x6 Patch. Limited time offer.  Add a Funerals 7"or a Chaos Order/Werewolf Congress 7" for just $4. Add both 7"s for just $6. ..
  • Fight it Out - Depression 7 inch (Black Vinyl)
    Hardcore from Saginaw, MI. Depression by Fight It Out ..
  • Forward to Eden/Content With Dying - Split 7 inch
    Two new FTE tracks & the (since now only digitally released) CWD ’13 Demo. Vegan Metal(core) at it’s finest. 100 copies on black and 100 copies on white vinyl. All stamped & handnumbered (w/ some pre-order versions). Content With Dying – Oldschool Vegan Metal from Germany. Members of Four..
  • Gehenna/Blind to Faith - Split 7 inch (Black Vinyl)
    The Infamous GEHENNA are back with two new barbaric tracks that are boiling over with raw violence and psychedlic flirtation. Possibly the soundtrack to the scariest acid trip you could ever imagine.  On the flipside BLIND TO FAITH from Belgium (members of Rise And Fall/Skullhog/Re..
  • Great Reversals - Natural Burial 7 inch (Random Color Vinyl)
    3 new songs recorded with Andy Nelson from Weekend Nachos. The band's darkest, heaviest material to date. Released collaboratively between How Soon is Now Records, Hydrogen Man Records, and Protagonist Music. Natural Burial by Great Reversals ..
  • Great Reversals/Sunlight Ascending - Split 7 inch (Black Vinyl)
    One song each by Great Rev and Sunlight, two bands made up of close friends who have a mutual admiration of each other's work. Great Reversals/Sunlight Ascending Split 7" by Great Reversals ..
  • Low Sky - How to Kiss 7 inch (White)
    "I'm not very good at descriptions, but I'll just say I am proud to have this come out as our 2nd vinyl release on the label. sophmore EP from ex-Greensboro based kids played really fast, really heavy, really pissed off, really punk rock to play really loud to really piss off your parents/neighbors/..
  • Nothing to Nothing - To Better Days 7 inch(Purple Vinyl)
    Columbia, MO isn't on the hardcore map yet, but Nothing To Nothing is trying to change that with a hard-working ethic, touring the U.S. D.I.Y. style with bands like Colony, Iron Rain, Expire, Ill Intent and A Better Hope Foundation and bringing a sound influenced by Guns Up!, Madball and No Warning...
  • Overlooked - Nothing is Sacred 7 inch (Random Mix Vinyl)
    With nods to bands like Tear It Up and Panic, North Carolina's Overlooked nod to the fast, chaotic hardcore of the early '00s, complete with lyrics ranging from personal conflict to pure hatred packaged in four songs lasting under seven minutes total. Nothing Is Sacred by Overlooked ..