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  • Troublesome - Lose Control 7 inch (Mint Green Vinyl)
    Featuring current and former members of CDC, Daylight, and Horrorshow. First press of 300 is 150 on Mint Green, 100 on Vanilla Cream and 50 on Pink (available only at the record release show). Vol. 1 by Casa de Diversion ..
  • Ultima Victima - Muertes Sin Razon 12 inch
    First pressing, on Panda Claw Records. 400 Black 100 green/red/white starburst Ultima Victima-Muertes Sin Razon by Ultima Victima ..
  • Unrestrained - Forward Onto Death 12 inch (Purple/Grey Vinyl)
    Purple/Grey/Trash Vinyl (out of 399) UNRESTRAINED - Forward Onto Death LP After a number of widespread 7"s, split 7"s and compilation tracks Portland, OR natives UNRESTRAINED, who are made up of ex members of The Physical Challenge, Backlash and The Dead Unknown, have crafted their debut full le..
  • Various Artists - Epilogue Vol 1 (Kill Your Idols tribute) 7 inch (Black Vinyl)
    This 7" is the first in a four-7" series of tributes to the beloved NY hardcore band Kill Your Idols. The six bands featured this time are Bullet Treatment, Offsides, Backtrack, Rust Belt Lights, Seasick, and Violent Society, all of whom also contribute liner notes. V/A Epilogue Vol 1 (Kill Your ..
  • Violence to Fade - Tug of War 7 inch (Green Vinyl)
    6 tracks of late 80's / early 90's style youth crew. Ex members of Alert and current members of Caught In A Crowd. Hardcore at its finest. Tug Of War by Violence To Fade ..
  • VOD - Still 12" (Color Vinyl)
    20 years after the stunning 1995 debut record release by Long Island's Vision Of Disorder (VOD), this beautiful re-issue is coming straight for your face! A classic moment in time from the NYHC scene that went on to inspire a generation in the metal world. Every non test pressing record includes a l..
  • Weight We Carry, The - Downcast 7 inch (Colored Vinyl)
    Tracklist 1     War With The Elite      2     Fencewalkers      3     Fandemonium      4     Proletariat      5     Working Class      6  &..
  • With Honor - With Honor 7 inch
    The much anticipated vinyl re-release of their first EP that came out on CD on Stillborn Records and on wax from Teishu Records. If you don't know who they are by now, then crawl out from under that rock and buy this record. Passionate, sincere hardcore played by some of the best dudes around. For f..
  • Xibalba/Suburban Scum - Split 12 inch (Blue Vinyl)
    This split features two XIBALBA tracks recorded in between 'Hasta La Muerte' and 'Tierra Y Libertad'.  Sounds similar to HLM songs before the death-metal influence really got cranked up.  Super down-tuned, tough and heavy and perfect.  SUBURBAN SCUM is on the flipside with four tracks..
  • All Out War - Hymns of The Apocalypse 7 inch (Opaque Yellow Vinyl)
    3rd PRESSING - Yellow Vinyl (out of 101) This is the long awaited repress of the out of print 7" originally released on S.U.R. Records. These 2 songs from NY's All Out War were originally intended for an Astor Records NYHC compilation that never saw the light of day. All Out War is a punishing di..
  • Incendiary/Unrestrained - Split 7 inch (Green vinyl)
    Hand numbered out of 201 This split 7" brings together 2 heavyweights of modern hardcore. Long Island, NY's INCENDIARY follow up their 7", LP and split 7" with Suburban Scum with 2 brand new songs of powerful political hardcore. Mixing together elements of many 90's hardcore icons such as INDECIS..
  • Jagged Visions - Beyond The Serpents Touch 7 inch (Snakeskin Vinyl)
    The debut 7" from CT's JAGGED VISIONS will hit you like a mace during a medieval battle to the death . Heavy metalcore that is heavily influenced by the bands they grew up listening to; Integrity, All Out War, Overcast, Dissolve and Hatebreed. Metallic guitar crunch and screaming anguished vocals ta..
  • Living Laser - Versus Pigs 7 inch (White Vinyl)
    Hand numbered out of 160 Living Laser's debut 7" is available now. Following up their "Ragged Glory" demo cassette, Living Laser continues to deliver their brand of early 80's styled hardcore. Often compared to such notable hardcore founders as BAD BRAINS, DEAD KENNEDYS and THE MOB. Living Laser ..
  • Palehorse - Rumors of War (Purple vinyl)
    With their first new material in 9 years, CT’s PALEHORSE pummels you with their Ringworm meets NYHC approach. 5 tracks that continue down their well designed combination of the Clevo Holy Terror sound with a fair amount of metallic NYHC thrown into the brew. Introspective lyrics dealing with both p..