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  • Compression - Compression CD
    "It’s refreshing to listen to a band that truly understands the ideal that should be the driving force behind music, and that is expression. - and the raw desire to make music not solely aimed at consumer approval. The aim isn’t money or popularity, just the urge to create a musical soundscape that ..
  • Crime Lab - Tears Beg For A Gun CD
    The sincerity and old school feel of Warzone and Sick Of It All meets the brutality of newer bands like Hatebreed & Terror... Watch out for this new up and coming NYHC band. Ex-members of Shai Hulud and 25 ta Life. *New but not shrinkwrapped ..
  • Crossthread/Thinktank - Split CD
    Split CD from Crossthread and Thinktank,  Both bands out of Connecticut   ..
  • Deformity - Murder Within Sin CD
    The debut full length from legendary H8000 band Deformity.  Featuring members from Congress.   ..