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  • Deformity - Murder Within Sin CD
    The debut full length from legendary H8000 band Deformity.  Featuring members from Congress.   ..
  • Longest War - Year One CD
    Fronted by Chris Logan of CHOKEHOLD fame and features former members of DESPAIR, UNION, ACHILLES and more. LONGEST WAR brings a sound one would expect from members of these bands; chunky, heavy hardcore that sounds like it could have been written in 1995 but with modern recording. Features the 5 ..
  • Losing Skin - I: Infinite Death CD
    Formed in 2009, Losing Skin projects the blackest, darkest sounds it can muster — songs of burning bones, tombstone cities, faces smashing into concrete and fluorescent light bulbs being affixed to the insides of eyelids. It’s as metal as it is hardcore, and is some of the most indisputably brutal, ..
  • Wandersword - Waiting For War CD
    Wandersword, hail from Russia. Bringing us 9 songs of epic, Viking themed Melodic Death. ..
  • WirgHata - Cold Dismay CD
    Blasphemour Records is proud to bring you "Cold Dismay" by WirgHata.  WirgHata is a melodic black/death band from Siberia.   ..